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Moving and Changing to “On the Journey”

I wrote a book!  Continuing the Journey: Cultivating Lived Faith is a workbook for people who are looking to learn, reflect, and grow, and put insights into action!  It will be available for purchase on October 7th!

My blog “Momilies and More” will continue, but we’ve changed the name to On the Journey.”

Momilies was written as a reflection on life and faith from the perspective of a Mom – like a homily, by a Mom.  I’m still a Mom, and I still offer a reflection on life and faith… it’s just that a lot of single women, a lot of women who don’t have kids, and a lot of men would benefit from reading my reflections.  I don’t want the title “Momilies” to exclude anyone.

The new blog–On the Journey–can be found at Current Momilies subscriptions should transfer to the new site but if you don’t see a new post on Tuesday come and find me!   Also check out to read a sample chapter and learn more about the book

We are all On the Journey.  I hope you will join me—and invite others—as we reflect, learn, and grow together.

xoxo Julie

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